GREEN SHADE — Fassadenbegrünung
im urbanen Raum

bachelor's thesis industrial design at Fachhochschule Potsdam

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global warming is causing summer temperatures to rise, especially in cities. the greening of buildings can help to better regulate the extreme temperatures in the city, yet in many places there are currently no solutions for vertical gardening concepts within urban planning.

GREEN SHADE is a prototype and concept for retrofitted and cost-effective facade greening, which can be implemented without complex integration into the facade. instead it uses structures that are already there and reinvents them.

as a combination of a sliding shutter and a vertical planting system it combines the benefits of greening the facade to reduce temperature rises in cities with personal advantage for residents, who can use GREEN SHADE to shadow their windows. additionally the sliding mechanism allows the user to profit from the vertical garden system as a balcony substitute. three different versions of GREEN SHADE can be individually planted and adapted to specific needs: maximal shade through dense greenery of climbing plants, growing vegetables and fruits or creating colorful flower landscapes and therefore much needed habitats and food sources for insects and birds.

as part of my bachelor thesis, I was lucky enough to receive support from EHRET for the production of my prototype. Ehret manufactures modern sliding shutters made of aluminum and supplied me with a custom-made frame. I combined this with my designed planter boxes and climbing aids to realize a product for simple and user-oriented facade greening.