MODULE C — 2021
concept for affordable and sustainable living spaces in small dimensions

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this project is the result of a university course in cooperation with the city Potsdam. the ambition was to provide solutions for affordable and sustainable living in small spaces. the only fixed parameters were the external dimensions of the containers with 3m x 3m x 3m.

MODULE C stacks two cubes on top of each other to create additional usable outdoor space on the balcony and underneath the overlapping top module. a ladder inside and the outdoor stairs leading to the balcony make the second floor accessible. the interior of both cubes is designed to provide maximum usability and storage.

to get a better feeling for the interior and proportions I build a 1:10 model from cardboard. when designing it is important to me to actually build something real and haptic with my own hands instead of working digitally only. the model helped me to develope a more realistic layout and discern possible usability flaws.